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November 20, 2021
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Germany’s new coalition government has just unveiled its agreement. The coalition agreement stipulates that the new government will allow dual citizenship and reduce existing barriers to German citizenship.

In this article of Wise Business Group, we will explain the requirements for obtaining German citizenship under the new government coalition agreement. Stay with us.

Facilitating the path of German citizenship

Germany’s new coalition government recently announced its coalition agreement, setting out goals such as “facilitating the path of German citizenship” and moving toward modern citizenship law.

This coalition agreement significantly indicates that the law will be changed to make “multiple citizenships” possible. In other words, dual citizenship will be possible for non-EU nationals in Germany.

Currently, citizens of non-EU countries who did not grow up in Germany must choose between German citizenship and citizenship of a foreign country after reaching the age of 21, under German law.

Time of application for German citizenship

Until now, the rules have been that non-German citizen who was not married to a German person could apply for German citizenship after eight years of continuous legal residence in Germany. This period would be reduced to seven years by a full integration course and six years by the German language skills higher than the B1 level.

Under the German government’s new coalition agreement, the required time to apply for German citizenship for non-Germans is reduced to five years. Also, if there are specific integration achievements, this period will be reduced to three years.

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Facilitating the process of obtaining German citizenship for the generation of guest workers

In addition to the above, the new German coalition government has announced in its agreement that it intends to facilitate the process of granting German citizenship to those so-called generations of guest workers.

Guest workers are mainly Turkish and foreign workers who immigrated to Germany from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s and to work in industries such as agriculture, steel, automobiles, construction, and mining.

Under the new coalition agreement, the level of German language skills required for this group of people will be reduced and general rules will be provided for the required qualifications related to language skills. Such measures will be taken to recognize the “lifetime of achievements” of this generation.

In addition, the new German coalition government intends to launch a campaign to inform the public about the possibility of obtaining German citizenship and welcome any ceremony related to obtaining German citizenship.

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