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November 17, 2018
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November 23, 2018

Our company OWS is a professional service provider in the fields of Finance, bookkeeping, tax consultancy, insurance, real estate & accommodation, and business brokerage & due diligence.

The aim is to streamline the business operation of our clients by providing them with initial assistance to run and operate their business. Especially for the business immigrants who just come to Germany, there is a lot of variables and ambiguities in mind including:

  1. How can I initially start? with which authority and how?
  2. How can I find an apartment and how register my address?
  3. How can I open a private and business bank account?
  4. How can I get the best or most favorably priced health and pension insurance?
  5. How can I set up my company? and find the best business address for my self?
  6. How can I cope with the immigration office and what documents should I prepare to get the residency card?
  7. How can I get the residency for my family?

Once these questions are settled, the next step will be the business operation itself.

  1. How can I get the best bookkeeper or tax consultant suited for my type of business and requirements? How can I get my tax ID number and VAT  ID  to be able to start my business right away?
  2. How can do my sourcing or market research to get a part of the German market share?
  3. How can I invest on other peripheral projects in Germany? real estate or already existing businesses?
  4. How can I get the loan for some of these projects from the bank?
  5. How can I delegate my basic secretarial activities to third parties in the smoothest way in Germany?

These are the questions we are willing to answer after we got your residency through your self-employment program.  The aforementioned services will also be provided either by us or our partners in Germany for you to service your purpose in the best way.

If you need more info, kindly contact us here!

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