Germany Residency

Latest studies prove the positive opinion of many international firms and private investors toward the entrepreneurial and investment environment in Germany. 73% of the participating companies have approved that Germany would be the first country for them to invest in Europe.

Statistical studies about international investments between 2012 and 2014 which was conducted  by UNCTAD also confirms the reputation of Germany as the most attractive place in Europe for investment and  entrepreneurship programs.

More than 100 multinational companies have selected Germany as the first country in EU15 and the third country in the world as the best working destination. Ernst & Young has also selected Germany in 2013 as the best in Europe and sixth in the world in terms of investment attractions.

In addition, in terms of living quality, education, entertainment, its geographical location, and many other factors Germany is still among the top 5 in Europe.

For this reason, application for acquiring the German residency via different sections of the immigration law is very popular these days.

We can help you get your residency through your self-employment program. Whether you want to take it as investment in particular projects or proceeding as a freelancer/ individual entrepreneur.

In terms of investment, residency is usually accompanied by company formation. Something very important to mention is that “company formation” and ” Germany residency” are quite two different projects which call for different strategies.

The reason for our emphasis is that the most people mix these two together. Meaning that by forming a company, they expect to get the residency automatically. It is wrong because for setting up a company we should only interact with the notary, district court, and the bank. These organizations pay no attention to your concept and its attractiveness or your qualifications to run this.

But as soon as you decide to get the residency of Germany through your company, at least four more organizations will be added to assess your case. Immigration office, chamber of commerce, economy promotion organization and the trade office. Even BAFA has a call for some particular projects.

In this case, just running your business is not enough, your educational and vocational background, your concept, amount of initial investment, its potential for employment in future and many other factors will be taken into consideration. In order for your service provider to be able to get you the residency, he should perfectly analyze these elements and reflect them in a very robust and detail oriented business plan.

This business plan in addition to a perfect location analysis and a good legal service can guarantee the success of your immigration program through self employment in Germany.

It should be noted that there are also some types of self employment residency that do not need much of a capital investment or any particular legal format which is called freelancer residency.  However, your immigration team should perfectly analyse in advance to understand in which segment of self-employment you fit and proceed accordingly.

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