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November 22, 2018
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November 23, 2018

The initial phase of any business immigration project is finding the right location, in terms of both residency and business. For the people who are planning to start a business in Germany and get their residency through their entrepreneurship program, it is vital to assess whether their business concept is interesting enough for the location where the business is going to operate.

One of the biggest mistakes which often leads to the immigration case rejection is that most people choose their location quite emotionally depending on its closeness to where their relatives are, or personal interest in a particular city or any unimportant factor that has no strong connection with the main criteria that are verified by authorities for granting the residence permit.

The reason is that  Germany is a federal country and its economical needs is quite different from one city to another. Once concept could be quite appealing to a particular region while fully saturated in another location. This calls for a very initial location analysis by your business development team to increase the chance of your case approval before any legal activities have started.

Many cities have particular rules and regulations toward a specific business. Some licenses or additional paperwork might be needed in advance. Also it is not all about the business permission. When it comes to residency under self employment many qualifications might be needed the extent of which is different in each city.

Factors such as the investor’s education, business background, international experience, management skills, language proficiency, etc. Your location analysis team should initially review your credentials and study each city prerequisites before opening the immigration case.

This will dramatically increase the chance of residency. your team at Wise Business Group / OWS will do a thorough location analysis for you in addition to  business development and legal services.

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