Before you start the planning phase in Germany, you must consider shaping a strategy against possible risks. Once you do this, it serves you as a great foundation on which you can later base your assets and properties safely and sustainably. Issues such as occupational disability, illness and care in your personal area as well as liability risks and the protection of your property are in the foreground of concern. As insurance brokers at OWS our parent company, we work with very well-known partners to offer you the best solutions with very special planning for your private or professional insurance contracts.  

The health care system in Germany is a Dual-system. This means that the statutory health insurance is available to all German citizens as a state-subsidized system. There is also a private health insurance system in Germany which applies to people who are not compulsorily insured at the first system. This type mainly applies to employees with higher income and those who are self-employed. Using private insurance has increased in past years due to the decline in statutory system as a result of its high costs for Germany. Owning a private insurance, you can reimburse payments for dental treatments that have higher qualities, glasses and two-bed rooms for inpatient care. There are so many cases of long-term inpatient stay or physical disabilities due to accidents or injuries around us! Are you personally ready for such unexpected incidents? With the proper type of insurance, you can be protected from such incidents and secure yourself financially, saving on a lot of unnecessary costs and stress.

We offer advice and consultancy to protect you from risks and financial stresses. Should you or someone in your family cause harm to another person, you must compensate for the harm and the Liability insurance is essential to take over the financial services for the damage in such cases.

All vehicle owners are legally obliged to get insurance and it is your right to get good car insurance! We will help you find the best offer and will save you money and time!

As an immigrant, you might also search for the most favorably priced health insurance packages. Public insurance will not be served by most insurance brokers mostly due to the very small commissions. Our company serves you with that if you meet the requirements of the public health insurance in Germany.

Decision based on advice

We base our consultancy as an independent group without being tied to any other companies. We will gladly help you find the right insurance for your private life and your business!

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