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Your very own 4 walls …

One of the most important reasons people save money and collect wealth is to be able to buy their own property! Almost every second person fulfills this wish! Are you among those people who wish to have your own place to live?

Regardless of how you plan your property purchasing plan, either it is buying, renovating or taking over the property on a turnkey basis, you need to have a close look on your financial planning. This step is as important as having the desire to purchase a property since there are many possibilities to consider in financial strategies. 

We will assist you to design and create an individual concept that includes various possibilities on taking loans, applying for public funds and special repayment options. We will then advertise your project at different banks and will help you in the financing process which saves you a lot of time and energy. 

Taking over a practice or setting up a business

If you are intending to set up your own business, we will plan everything together! We will discuss all numbers with the tax advisor and we answer your questions regarding contracts and taxing, using our professional team of lawyers and tax consultants. You will be protected from minor mistakes in daily business benefiting from our business strategies.This paves the way for your professional and economic success so that you can fully concentrate on the most important things.

No matter where you live, we can arrange an appointment and help you get through this. 

Investment advice for stocks, raw materials, loans, real estate and currencies

Investment varieties and other linked financial combinations led to major issues in the latest economical crisis throughout the world. This is due to investors and sellers not understanding their products. On the other hand, there is very high sales pressure on banks and insurance companies. In-house products are mainly arranged arbitarilary and rarely correspond to the customers’ needs.

To avoid all the mentioned risks, we offer you an individual, independent, tailor-made plan which is service-oriented and presents you the most suitable investment advice.  

Following is our specialization areas in investment consultancy:

  • Investment: Tailor-made, individual  strategies for your investment.
  • Real assets: investment in stable value.
  • Asset structure analysis: review and optimization of assets according to return, risk & amp; Availability.
  • Portfolio optimization: Bank-neutral valuation and optimization of securities accounts.
  • Private financial planning: Detailed analysis of the private financial situation.
  • Give; Inheritance: Secure your assets across generations.

Capital investment

We will assist you to build up your assets sensibly, independently and reliably no matter if your project is short,  medium or long term. The most important thing for us is to analyze and consider your initial situation and your willingness to take risks in order to shape a business concept that fits the best to your qualifications and situation and together we come up with the most suitable investment form. 

Business consulting

Financial possibilities are not the only aspect to be considered when expanding, taking over or selling a business. There are many more aspects to be covered here. For example, when handing your company over  to a family member, you need to consider the family members’ inheritance rights and their involvement. This might cause an additional cost factor. Or for instance if you take over a market competitor or expand your business, you should keep the operating facilities costs on the list. There were only a few examples to raise awareness so that you, your relatives or your employees do not experience a bad situation in the investment process. We will help you make small changes from early on to lead you in a productive path of building a business!

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