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December 4, 2018
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April 4, 2020

Trademark Registration in GermanyA Trademark is basically a name, symbol, logo, or a picture that is used on a business”s products in order to make it distinguishable from other brands. Your trade-mark will become your identification, the way your users or customers will identify your business.

How to Register Trademark in Germany?

You can register your trademark for both your products and services; it doesn”t matter. The steps are the same for products and services for trade mark registration in Germany. All you have to do is to prepare your documents and your ideas and send them to us with alternative names and priorities so if your first options didn”t work out, we”d use the second and third alternatives for you.

Trademark Protection

One of the concerns regarding trademarks is preventing identification theft or what they call trademark protection. Our duty at Wise Business Group is to make you aware of the legal issues and measures that are needed to be taken to secure your trade-mark from illegal activities.

What’s a Trademark License?

A trademark license is what a trademark proprietor gives to another person to have the rights to work with the same identity.

Business Classification in Germany

Another concern about trademarks is classification in which your products or services will be listed. There are 45 classes or categories for your business. You may choose up to three classes. If you choose to list your business in more classes, you”ll be charged additional fees.

Best practice is to prepare a list of products and services prior to filling out the trademark registration form, because you”ll not be able to change the list of goods and services after filing your application.

Also please note that the German trademark agents will not conduct a research for you (in Germany or Internationally) to see if your trademark or brand name is unique or already registered by another proprietor. Therefore, early proprietors may file an opposition if they find out there has been a registration with the same name or similar trademark.

Is there a chance that my trademark is refused?

Yes, and that”s only if your application meets any of the following grounds for refusal:

  1. Being not distinctive
  2. Descriptive terms (that must be kept freely available for general use)
  3. Obvious risk of misleading the public
  4. An emblem of state included in the trade mark
  5. Being offensive by violating public policy or accepted principles of morality

Every single one of those grounds for rejection should be considered before making any decisions regarding your business registration in Germany. We”ll cover all the possible risks, in our consulting sessions with you, once you have signed up. We will also guarantee your trademark protection and the means to minimizing the risk of facing an opposition file against your newly registered brand.

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