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December 2, 2018
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May 30, 2019


Our company is active in the field of real estate especially in the area of Cologne, Bonn and Düsseldorf and neighborhood for more than 10 years. We support our clients not only in finding and financially assessing right objects but also in financing them too.

Real estate market in Germany is significantly growing. Many economical crisis in the past had no effect in increasing the demand on investment in German properties. there is a high demand on property rents and accordingly rental rates are growing over the past decade. There is a robust legislation around buying, selling and renting which makes this business a very reliable one in Germany.

Although buying a residence real estate grants no residency of Germany however, by investing on commercial real estates such as residence complexes, hotels, hostels, passages and shopping centers, you may get your residency since they produce enough income for you in Germany. Also it doesn’t mean that a person without having a German residency cannot invest in a residence real estate. You may still invest and enjoy the benefits of having a house in Germany but there is no such a law that gives you any German residency through buying a residence property.

When investing on real estate, you should initially detect your purpose behind it, whether you want to see it as a short-term or long-term  investment or just as a place for your own living space that meets your standards of living. Naturally in ideal world all could work together but not always. Even if the investment is your case, you should calculate what type of property meets your investment goals. Some properties generates not much monthly income through renting but they will have a huge price growth over 10 years for example. On the other hands, the worth of some older properties may not grow significantly over time but they can generate better renting opportunities and monthly income for the investor.

Depending on your personal and business goals, we can help you find the best object in Germany especially in the are of Nordrhein-Westfallen. For more information you may contact us.

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