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November 23, 2018
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December 4, 2018

As an alternative to running a start-up business in Germany, you may consider investing on an already established business. This will eliminate the risks of starting a company from scratch. If you buy an operating business, you can actually purchase its brand name in the market, location, and most importantly its supply chain; meaning that you will be linked to the network of all customers and suppliers of selling business which in case of a start-up usually takes several months to years to build one.

If you are searching for a particular business in a specific business segment or location, our team of business developers could help you with that.  Don’t forget that in addition to all benefits that have been mentioned above, buying an already established business has its own risks too which should be perfectly analyzed.

Having spotted the right business which will is of your interest, we should perfectly understand why the owner is willing to sell it. There could be many reasons behind that each of which should be detected and a right strategy should be instilled accordingly. For example:

  1. retirement
  2. investment on something bigger
  3. problem in business

It’s important to understand why the owner is selling so that you can also realize if you have the same problems and if so how you can cope with them. For example, you might not want to retire but it is important to see if the business needs your full time or part time attention. If the former is the case, and you already have another business, you will have the same problem of the former business owner.

Also it might be the case of a problem in the business. for example, poor quality, advertisement, marketing, sourcing, production, distribution or many other reasons. Buying a business with problems is not always a bad thing.  The important thing is that you should be able to detect those problems. In fact it can turn into a great opportunity, since you may buy the business with that defect under the market price and later by a correct troubleshoot increase your revenue or worth of your business if you later want to sell it.

We can help you in Germany with assessing the performance of the business your you would like to buy by analyzing its operational costs and income, being present at site and interacting with the seller.

In addition, we can help you with turning this business to a concept that gets you the residency of Germany if you care to have that.

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