Everything you need to know about the EU Blue Card!

Germany will reduce the salary required to receive the EU Blue Card in 2022.
EU Blue Card in 2022
June 5, 2022
German labar law
German labor law provides protections for employees in Germany
June 21, 2022

The EU Blue Card is an independent residence permit, introduced primarily to improve employment opportunities for eligible applicants from third countries and, consequently, support immigration to Germany.

Requirements for receiving an EU Blue Card in Germany

The first condition to receive an EU Blue Card is to have one of the following degrees:

  • German university degree
  • Foreign valid university degree
  • A foreign university degree comparable to a German university degree

In particular cases, a degree comparable to a university degree proven by at least five years of professional experience may also be sufficient. The German Federal Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs determines which qualifications are covered by the legal order.

In addition, the applicant must have a specific job or job offer tailored to his qualifications and abilities in Germany.

Salary level required to receive EU Blue Card

An applicant for a Blue Card in Germany must receive a minimum salary equal to two-thirds of the general pension premium assessment ceiling (equivalent to € 56,400 gross in 2022).

In some jobs facing labor shortages in Germany, having a gross annual income of at least 43,992 € in 2022 is enough. Natural scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and physicians, for example, fall into this category.

Where can I apply for an EU Blue Card?

The general rules of German Immigration Law apply to the responsibility for applying for an EU Blue Card. It means you must apply for an EU Blue Card from a German diplomatic mission (German embassy or consulate) in the country of origin.

Up to one month after arriving in Germany, you have the opportunity to apply for an EU Blue Card and a residence permit for family reunification.

How long is the EU Blue Card valid?

When the EU Blue Card is issued for the first time, it will be valid for four years. If the applicant’s employment contract is for less than four years, the EU Blue Card will be valid for the duration of the employment contract plus three months.

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