Our Strategy Session

Our aim in our strategy sessions is to perfectly understand your needs and goals in Germany and consult you to opt the right trajectory towards them.

Whether you are in search of a right idea for your investment plan in a particular German city or figuring out if the idea is attractive enough for local authorities to issue residence permit or you have questions about:

  • the right legal form for your business,
  • due diligence and business sourcing,
  • financing your projects
  • company formation
  • marketing research
  • business sourcing
  • bookkeeping and tax
  • and of course Germany residency through your employment or self-employment program

and etc, we can assist you in our strategy sessions. Our first 1-hour strategy sessions are free and has the capacity to perfectly illuminate this path and give you right options for your future business and life in Germany,

Kindly fill out the information and we will contact you soon,

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