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Why should you have a good immigration lawyer in your team?

The business immigration program doesn’t reach to its destination without a quality legal support. Theoretically, you might not need any lawyer for the application and follow-up however, due to the complexity of the project, duration and misbehavior of some (not all) of case officers, it is highly recommended that you do not take a risk and have a lawyer in your team.

And when we are talking about an immigration lawyer we don’t mean the one who defines the immigration program as just application and follow up. something beyond that and we will tell you why!

Firstly you have to admit that Germany is a very complex country when it comes to regulations. Interestingly (or for some people un-interestingly)  These laws and regulations are not all the same in each region. This is exactly the thing that makes a residency program through self employment complicated.

Some businesses need to obtain particular permissions in advance. Even in some categories that seemingly might not need any permission, there might be some extra rules that apply only in some specific cities.

Your immigration lawyer should have enough legal knowledge and capacity to be able to check all these things before or even after the case is open.

Secondly the amount of follow-ups and the legal charisma that the lawyer will show is one of the most important factors for the success of the project. Because once you employ a lawyer she will be the one who represents the case on your behalf and if she fails to do it perfectly you just wasted your money.

Unfortunately many immigration lawyers define the project merely as an application and few follow up emails which in many cases -due to the lack of support- will lead to a case rejection. The lawyer for your case is like your ship’s captain. One simple wave in the middle of the sea can turn the ship’s direction to somewhere not good. The lawyer should always steer in a way to keep the case in the right direction.

There are many authorities in Germany with which she must interact, including embassy, immigration office, chamber of commerce, economy promotion organization (local and district), trade office and even sometimes BAFA.

If you see one lawyer with a cheap service, do not get excited. Because it is cheap for a reason. If all inquiries, follow ups, interactions, and the execution of plan B include in the program, you can be sure that your captain in this see trip will finally get you to the shoreline!

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