Concessions and permits for the hotel industry in Germany

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February 4, 2021
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Concessions and permits for the hotel industry in Germany

Concessions and permits for the hotel industry in Germany

There are no strict rules for starting a hotel business in Germany. Anyone can be a hotelier even without vocational training or a proper degree. However, owning a hotel in Germany is not so simple, there are certain requirements that must be met.

In this article of Wise Business Group (WBG), we will explain the hotel business in Germany, its licenses, and its requirements.

What do you know about the hotel business in Germany?

The hotel industry in Germany
The hotel industry in Germany

The German Tourism Association defines a hotel as a type of accommodation facility with the following characteristics:

  • Each hotel has a part called reception.
  • Hotels provide services as well as daily housekeeping.
  • A hotel can have some additional facilities such as a restaurant to provide food for the guests and also passers-by.

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Requirements and rules for hotel business in Germany

Although there is no specific requirement for hotel management in Germany, it is highly recommended to have enough work experience in the tourism industry before starting your business.

a hotel business in Germany
hotel business in Germany

In the hotel and catering industry in Germany, in addition to previous knowledge and experience, it is necessary to comply with some important legal regulations as follows:

  • Catering regulations
  • Hygiene regulations
  • Travel law
  • Protection of children
  • Accommodation statistics regulation
  • Price indication instructions
  • Protection of non-smokers
  • Various information obligations in accordance with the law of unfair competition

Hotel rooms should also have certain minimum conditions and facilities. Besides, you may need a restaurant license.  

Is a restaurant license required?

restaurant license for a hotel in Germany
restaurant license for a hotel in Germany

One of the facilities that the hotel can offer to its guests or passers-by is a restaurant or a place to serve food and drinks.

According to the second section of the catering Act in Germany, a restaurant license is required for all hotels. Although, this rule only applies if you use alcohol in your hotel restaurant.

Otherwise, you can offer food and drink to your guests and you do not need to apply for a restaurant license, only business registration suffices.

What are the legal requirements for operating a hotel in Germany?

If you want to apply for a restaurant license, you must provide additional documents along with your application to register a business in Germany:

  • Proof from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry based on participation in training course related to food law
  • Information or proof of the request from the Central Trade Register
  • Plan of building floors or building permit
  • Police clearance certificate or proof of request for that

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How to observe the hygiene rules in a hotel in Germany?

According to the law, following hygiene regulations is essential in a hotel, especially in rooms, kitchens, and public areas. Required hygiene measures in a hotel in Germany are:

  • Hygienic measures in the kitchen
  • measures for pest control
  • Observance of personal hygiene
hygiene regulations for a hotel in Germany
hygiene regulations for a hotel in Germany

In addition, your hotel staff must be trained in hygiene rules and regulations. Appropriate training courses for hotel and catering employees in Germany are usually offered by health officials.

More points about the hotel business in Germany

Depending on the considered hotel to start your business, the following points may be helpful:

  • If you provide music or TV shows to your customers or guests regularly, you should register it with GEMA (Association for the Performance of Music and Mechanical Reproduction) and pay the relevant fees.
  • In case you use slot machines at your hotel, you should register this and pay entertainment tax for this purpose. In this regard, the rules are applied differently locally.
  • If you are able to accommodate at least 10 guests simultaneously, you will be subject to the Accommodation Statistics Regulation and the arrival of each guest should be recorded through the relevant form.

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To start your business as a hotelier, do not hesitate to contact us. our expert and experienced consultants will help you.

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