Gastronomy business in Germany

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April 25, 2023
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Gastronomy business in Germany

Gastronomy business in Germany

Most people interested in cooking or baking or who have a good and promising idea in the field tend to have their cafe or restaurant. If you want to start your own food and hospitality business in Germany, read this article from Wise Business Group till the end. Here, we will mention the concessions and permits required to start a gastronomy business in Germany.

Concessions and permits for a gastronomy business in Germany

Many people in Germany are interested in baking and cooking and dedicate their time to it significantly. They may have interesting ideas for starting a business in this field and want to establish their cafe or restaurant.

If you are one of those people who:

  • are interested in the food industry,
  • want to implement their ideas,
  • like to entertain customers and guests and surprise them.

We suggest setting up a fast food with outstanding food, a cozy cafe, or a stylish restaurant in Germany.

Requirements for Starting a gastronomy business in Germany

To start an independent catering business in Germany, having cooking skills and a heart desire to serve guests is not enough. The legislator has established strict requirements in this industry that all companies and operators must comply with. These rules are primarily related to legal issues such as approvals, concessions, and permits. Compliance with all official requirements and regulations is necessary for a catering business in Germany. It allows focusing on your business and customers’ needs from the beginning.

Planning to start a hospitality business in Germany

It doesn’t matter which type of eatery you choose to establish. Your eatery can be a small snack bar with standing room for a few people, a large restaurant, or a small, cute cafe. In any case, planning is vital for starting a catering business in Germany.

You have to plan everything carefully and write a business plan that includes the concept of your business idea, your project, and the related financial requirements. Do not assume that this planning is only required to apply for financing from the bank. You will also need it when applying for approvals and permits. The business plan will make it easier for you to meet the legal requirements and answer all the questions related to the license application in Germany.

Restaurant concession in Germany

The primary license to operate a restaurant in Germany is the restaurant concession. Individuals can obtain this concession only if they prove their reliability and professional competence.

The object itself must also meet specific requirements. If you intend to open a restaurant or cafe in Germany that serves alcohol, you must obtain a restaurant license. For this purpose, you must submit a license application to the Business Licensing Office when registering your business in Germany. The Trade Office, which deals with matters related to the place of business in Germany, is responsible for this.

If you do not intend to serve alcohol in your restaurant or cafe in Germany, you will not need a restaurant license and do not need to go through the time-consuming license application process. You can start your catering business in Germany right away after registration.

Proof of personal reliability

Employees of the Trade Office can only grant a restaurant license under certain conditions in Germany. To get a restaurant license in Germany, you must first prove your reliability. For this, you need the following:

• Information from the central trade register

• Criminal record certificate

• Account clearance certificate from the tax office and trade tax organization

You will be recognized as reliable if there are no criminal offenses on your certificate of good conduct and your business has no legal conflicts with the previous. Also, you must prove that you have no tax debt.

Proof of professional competence

To get a restaurant license in Germany, you must prove your reliability and professional competence. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers seminars to explain the requirements of the German Food Law. You must also attend the introductory training course conducted by the responsible health authorities. It is about the food sector, sanitary regulations, and health protection. Here, professional ability and competence in food preparation are not considered.

If you are trained in the restaurant sector, for example, as a chef or restaurant manager, getting a position in a catering business in Germany will be easier for you. However, you do not have to provide this training proof to the authorities. If you cannot prepare the food, you can hire someone to cook for you, theoretically.

Investigating the location of a gastronomy business in Germany

After proving your reliability and professional competence to start a hospitality business in Germany, you must also meet the location requirements. The relevant authorities will assess the suitability of your chosen location for opening a canteen in Germany.

The first thing you need at this stage is a lease or purchase agreement. You must also prove that the considered property has the necessary conditions to establish a catering business in Germany. For example, you should show that sanitary facilities are available for both guests and employees. In addition, you should check whether making structural changes to the business premises is required.

Regulations on the location of a gastronomy business in Germany

If the rooms you want to use for your hospitality business in Germany have already been used for other purposes, you must inform the responsible construction authority. It also applies if you intend to make structural changes in the desired location.

The construction department staff will provide detailed information on the application requirements, the required documents, and the type of applications you should submit. If you make any innovations to your business premises in Germany, it is always best to check with the construction authorities first. If you fail to obtain the necessary permits, the worst possible scenario is that the authorities will shut down your business. Therefore, you should be very careful when checking local regulations.

Other requirements for setting up a hospitality business in Germany

Restaurant concession is the most important license. In addition, you should meet other crucial necessities in the restaurant sector. From the first day, you must strictly follow the hygiene rules. The DEHOGA professional association has more information on this. Also, observe the youth protection regulations and the ban on smoking in public places.

The Youth Protection Act is a crucial requirement for hospitality businesses in Germany to protect young people. The ban on smoking in public places has only been in effect for a few years in Germany. Guests will also feel more comfortable when the environment is smoke-free.

In addition, you must follow the price labeling guidelines in your restaurant or cafe in Germany. This guideline dictates that if you’re charging for something, you must price it.

Setting up a gastronomy business in Germany

If you are interested in cooking or baking and have good ideas about it, starting a gastronomy business in Germany can be a good option. However, there are strict rules in this industry that you must follow. First, you should have a detailed plan for your business, write a proper business plan and then get the required concessions and permits.

The restaurant concession is the most significant license to open a restaurant in Germany. Obtaining this license is required if you intend to serve alcohol.

To start a catering business in Germany, prove that you are reliable and have the essential qualifications to operate in this profession. It is also crucial to comply with the requirements of the business location. Your business may be closed if you fail to obtain the required permits.

Compliance with hygiene laws, youth protection regulations, smoking bans, and price labeling guidelines are also mandatory in the restaurant sector in Germany.

Business in Germany

If you want to start your food or hospitality business in Germany and need advice for that, contact us. Wise Business Group consultants will guide you with the benefit of their many years of expertise and experience in setting up a business and registering a company in Germany.

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