The new immigration rules in Germany

“Made in Germany” product
“Made in Germany” product
March 11, 2024
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VAT number in Germany
April 22, 2024
The new immigration rules in Germany

The new immigration rules in Germany

On June 23, 2023, the German parliament passed a new law that amends the Skilled Labor Immigration Act. This law facilitates entry and residence in Germany for skilled workers from third countries. Here at Wise Business Group, we will explain how the new immigration rules in Germany will attract more foreign workers.

Amendment of the skilled labor immigration law in Germany

Like many other European countries, Germany faces a shortage of skilled labor in main sectors. As a result, the number of unfilled job vacancies in this country is increasing. Hence, the German government is looking for ways to facilitate entry of labor from countries outside the European Union.

The amendment of the skilled labor immigration law in Germany has also been made to attract more skilled foreign workers to resolve the shortages. Therefore, German immigration laws have undergone significant changes, which we will mention below.

The new immigration rules in Germany

New EU Blue Card rules

The EU Blue Card is a type of work and residence permit throughout the European Union that paves the way for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in one of the member states. EU Blue Card applicants must submit their application to the competent national authorities in the country where they wish to work.

Minimum salary to receive a German Blue Card

According to the new immigration rules in Germany, highly skilled workers can get the EU Blue Card with a lower minimum salary than before. Generally, the required minimum salary threshold to obtain a German Blue Card under the new rules is 49,581.60 euros, and 39,682.80 euros in jobs with labor shortages.

Also, it will be possible to obtain a Blue Card with a reduced salary for more jobs as follows:

  • Production and distribution managers
  • Professional service managers such as childcare professionals
  • Specialists in the education field
  • Various health professionals such as nurses, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacists.
  • All academics graduated in the last three years
  • IT specialists with a professional degree rather than a university degree
  • Individuals with protected status

EU Blue Card changes

Another change regarding the EU Blue Card is that the holders can change their employer after at least 12 months of employment in Germany with just one declaration. Until now, Blue Card holders in Germany had to apply to change their employer. Also, it was possible after at least 24 months of employment.

You can contact our consultants to know the details of the rules related to receiving the EU Blue Card in Germany. We will accompany you in all stages of applying for and receiving the German Blue Card.

New rules for immigration to Germany regarding educational qualifications

The new skilled labor immigration law in Germany has also reduced the laws related to educational qualifications and made the following changes:

  • It is no longer necessary for highly skilled workers to have a degree relevant to their job. Workers who have completed vocational training courses can choose qualified jobs in any field.

Changes to the laws related to educational qualifications in Germany

  • From now on, the recognition of qualifications and experiences in Germany is not required for some skilled foreign workers with at least two years of professional experience and an income higher than the required minimum salary provided that their qualifications and experiences are recognized in their country of origin.
  • If there is a need to recognize qualifications in Germany, foreign workers with a job offer can enter Germany and start their work during the qualification recognition process.
  • In industries with severe labor shortages, workers can enter Germany and work regardless of qualifications for up to eight months under a collective bargaining agreement concluded between the union and the company in question.

The introduction of the opportunity card in Germany     

Those eligible foreigners who do not yet have a suitable job offer can stay in Germany for a maximum of one year to search for a proper job if they meet the requirements of the scoring system for a new opportunity card.

According to the opportunity card, the applicant will acquire points according to the following:

  • German or English language skills
  • Existing relations with Germany
  • Age

Opportunity card holders in Germany can work part-time for up to 20 hours per week while searching for a qualified job. There is no obstacle for them in trial employment either.

Other changes to immigration laws in Germany

Finally, the following changes have been introduced as part of the new skilled labor immigration rules to Germany:

  • It will be possible for students to work in secondary jobs while completing their studies.
  • Asylum seekers with pending applications submitted by March 29, 2023, can seek work or vocational training if they have a job offer and the relevant qualifications and requirements in Germany as long as their asylum application is being processed.
  • Tourist visa holders will no longer be required to leave Germany before returning for work.

Amendments to German immigration laws

  • The Western Balkan nationals will have a double quota for immigrating to Germany. Thus, up to 50,000 citizens from the six Western Balkan states, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia, can annually immigrate to Germany.
  • Parents of a skilled foreign workforce will also be able to obtain a German residence permit for family reunification. If that foreign worker has obtained a permanent residence permit in Germany, it is also possible to receive a German residence permit for their spouse’s family.

The new immigration rules in Germany at a glance

In 2023, the German government created new changes to the immigration rules for skilled workers. These changes have been made to attract skilled foreign labor and solve the labor shortage in Germany. The significant changes are related to the following:

  • Requirements for obtaining a blue card
  • Recognition of educational qualifications
  • Introduction of opportunity card

Generally, according to the changes made in the immigration laws to Germany, a broader range of jobs with lower earnings will be eligible to obtain the German Blue Card. There is no requirement to recognize educational qualifications before entering Germany. If specialists get enough points, they can enter Germany using the opportunity card and search for their qualified job.

Immigration to Germany

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