buying a business in Germany

February 3, 2024
Due diligence in Germany

Due diligence of a business in Germany

A brief overview of due diligence before buying a business in Germany A thorough evaluation and due diligence of a business before buying it in Germany is mandatory. It will help you understand the various financial, operational, legal, and strategic aspects of the business you want to buy. To evaluate a business in Germany, you must carefully review various items such as financial statements, compliance with laws and regulations, employment contracts, tax issues, manufacturing and supply chain processes, relationships with customers and suppliers, intellectual property, IT infrastructure, environmental obligations, insurance, the quality of income and key management personnel of the company.
April 29, 2024
GmbH purchase agreement in Germany

GmbH purchase agreement in Germany

One of the common questions of our clients is often related to the purchase conditions and how to conclude a GmbH company purchase agreement in Germany. […]
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