small business in Germany

December 25, 2020
registering small business in germany

Registering Small Businesses in Germany

Are you setting up a business alone and can’t enter in the commercial register as a trader? Or set up a GbR with others? Maybe you […]
July 5, 2021
Self-employment for students from non-EU countries in Germany

Self-employment for students from non-EU countries in Germany

As a student from a non-EU country in Germany, you may have to work to pay for your studies. Some students tend to work self-employed or […]
January 1, 2024
Small business in Germany

Small business in Germany

• A small business in Germany can provide the prerequisites for moving towards self-employment. This type of business is attractive for founders who want to start without worries, with low capital, or as a side business. • Business registration and obtaining a license is essential for starting a small business in Germany. Entering the commercial register is not required. However, depending on the business, some documents may be required. • Accounting for a small business in Germany is simple and is done using surplus income accounting. Also, there is no obligation to keep accounts and publish annual financial statements in the Federal Gazette. • You can use the legal forms of sole proprietorship, UG, GbR, or GmbH to set up your small business in Germany as an individual or a group. However, you should pay attention to things such as liability, requirements related to double-entry bookkeeping, and entry into the commercial register.
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