Business plan Germany

July 1, 2020

Starting a business as a non-EU citizen in Germany

Starting a business in Germany calls for different steps for an EU and non-EU citizen. This is a part that might confuse some non Europeans when […]
July 9, 2020

The steps of a Business Set-up in Germany

Few Things you must know when setting up a business in Germany as a foreigner Imagine you have a business in your home country and would […]
February 26, 2022
payment management important for businesses in Germany

Why is payment management important for businesses in Germany?

In this article from Wise Business Group, we will talk about the importance of payment management for businesses in Germany. Companies’ ignorance of this issue will […]
December 18, 2022

Self-employment residence permit in Germany

Are you interested in setting up a business in Germany? If so, you will need a special residence permit. In this article from Wise Business Group, we provide you with information about self-employment visas in Germany. We will also highlight the requirements for obtaining a self-employment residence permit in Germany.
June 10, 2023
Bus company in Germany

Bus company in Germany

If you are interested in starting a bus company in Germany, read this article from Wise Business Group full of helpful tips for your self-employment. Here […]
July 14, 2023
Profitable businesses in Germany

Profitable businesses in Germany

One of the questions we often face is which businesses in Germany can quickly become profitable. Business profitability depends on many factors. In this article from Wise Business Group, we mention some examples of profitable businesses in Germany and describe the factors affecting the profitability of businesses.
July 24, 2023
A beauty salon in Germany

A beauty salon in Germany

Due to the freedom of trade in Germany, anyone can be self-employed there. Those who want to start their own business by setting up a beauty salon or cosmetics store in Germany must meet certain requirements. In the article from Wise Business Group, we mention the necessary points to consider for successfully opening a beauty salon in Germany.
September 19, 2023
Company Formation in Germany

Company Formation in Germany 

Company formation in Germany at a glance To establish and register a company in Germany, you must meet various requirements: • Specifying the business concept • Determining the legal structure of the company • Selecting a unique trade name • Having a registered office in Germany • Deposit of share capital • Compilation of the company's articles of association Then, you have to go through different steps such as choosing the appropriate legal form, preparing a business plan, notarizing documents, registering a business, registering for taxes, obtaining permits, opening a business bank account, and obtaining various insurances in Germany. Non-residents in Germany may need to appoint an authorized representative, obtain a visa or residence permit, and open a business bank account at banks that provide services to non-resident clients. The situation is more complicated for non-EU nationals. They must meet particular requirements for obtaining a visa, residence, and work permit,choosing a legal form, and appointing an authorized representative. Fluency in German is also beneficial for them.
December 19, 2023
sole proprietorship in Germany

Sole proprietorship in Germany

A sole proprietorship is one of the most common and popular legal forms for startups in Germany. This type of company has numerous tax and legal […]
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